Current Issue: 4.2 (2021): Collaborative Research in Theatre and Performance Studies

Collaborative Research in Theatre and Performance Studies 4.2 (2021)
Elasticity 4.1 (2021)
Openings 3.2 (2020)
Performance as Network: Arts, City, Culture 3.1 (2019)
Future Now 2.2 (2019)
OverFlow 2.1 (2018)
Performance Climates 1.2 (2018)
Looking Back on Fluid States — Performances of unKnowing 1.1 (2017)

CALL FOR PAPERS ISSUE 5.1: Decolonisation and Performance Studies

Global Performance Studies is a peer reviewed online academic journal sponsored by Performance Studies international (PSi). Our goal is to provide a resource to scholars and artists who are seeking to publish both traditional articles as well as cross-platform, multimedia content that pushes the boundaries of what we think an academic journal can be. We are also interested in finding ways the journal can serve a truly global audience of performance studies scholars and artists.

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