Issue 4.1



Guest Editors: P. Megan Andrews, Bruce Barton, Natalia Esling, Pil Hansen 
General Editor: Kevin Brown

An Openness to Surrender, a Surrender to Openness: (Or, Holding and Being Held)
P. Megan Andrews, Natalia Esling, Bruce Barton

ElasticiTEA?: Preliminary Theses on Cross-Cultural (re)Presentation and the Japanese “Way of Tea”
Michelle Liu Carriger
ElastiCity: Performance Studies and Theme Parks
Taylor C. Black, Shawn Chua, Eero Laine, Milton Lim, Rumen Rachev, and Soo Ryon Yoon
La Caravana de los Misterios: A Micro-Landscape of a Drug War Performance Dossier
Susana Plotts-Pineda
On “Dramaturgical Awareness”
Alexandra Baybutt
Performative Diagrammatics: An Artistic Exploration of the Relation Between Epistemic Diversity and Systemic Elasticity
Adelheid Mers
Performing the Commons: The (In)elasticity of Social Engagement in the Face of Political Suppression
wen yau
Queering the Voice in Song
Lisa Quoresimo
Re-calling Please Hold
Xavia Publius
Stretched to the Limit: Resilience and Resistance to Flexible Capitalism
Jimena Ortuzar
Stretching the Body Politic: Refugees Dancing with Germans in Germany
Jeff Kaplan
Telling Dark Stories, Performing Dark Ecologies: The Matter of 0.2 degrees and Ecological Homeostasis
Serap Erincin
The Elasticity of the Non-Breath in Meanwhile: The Possibilities of a Small Sonic Intervention (A Letter to Kinga Jaczewska)
Leonie Persyn
Turning Points: A Radical Approach to Fostering Movement in Children with Diverse Physical Abilities
Coralee McLaren
“We’ll See You at the Barre!”: Stretching Queer Sociality with Ballez
Selby Wynn Schwartz
Working with Children: Elasticity, Creativity, and Disruption
Sarah Austin