Issue 2.1



Editor: Kevin Brown

Diaspora (An Illuminated Video Essay)
Ben Spatz with Nazlıhan Eda Erçin, Agnieszka Mendel, and Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz.
Can Your Jellyfish Sing?: “Tentacular” Moves From Individual Embodiment to the Planetary
Róisín O’Gorman
Excess, Humour, and Subversion in Santosh Pawar’s Yada Kadachit (If At All)
Madhuri Dixit
And the Vampires Flow Towards the West: The Ecological Poetics of Eastern European Migration in the UK
Diana Damian Martin
Sequence 02: A Video Case Study of Online Detournement(s) and “Sexual Decoys”
Denise Ackerl
The Refugee/Humanitarian Crisis: Performing Documents-Fragments — The Analogy between Racism and Speciesism
Suzana Marjanić
Portmanteaux Overflow
Patricia A. Suchy, Lisa Flanagan, Sarah Jackson, Ross Louis (with Lexus Dawn Jordan), Tracy Stephenson Shaffer (with Kd Amond), David P. Terry (with Paige O’Hale).