Performance Climates

Annette Arlander
University of the Arts Helsinki
Annette Arlander, DA, is an artist, researcher and pedagogue, one of the pioneers of Finnish performance art and trailblazers of artistic research. For artworks and publications, see

Marnie Badham
RMIT University
With a long history of art and social justice practice in Canada and Australia, Marnie has research expertise in socially-engaged art, the politics of cultural measurement, and participatory research methodologies. As Vice Chancellor’s Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Marnie’s current project examines “the social turn in artist residencies.”

Katherine Brewer Ball
Wesleyan University
Katherine Brewer Ball is Visiting Assistant Professor of Performance Studies at Wesleyan University, where she previously held the Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship. Her current book project, The Only Way Out Is In: The Queer & Minoritarian Performance of Escape, traces contemporary Black, Latina/o and queer performances that break from the language of freedom to theorize escape.

Tanja Beer
University of Melbourne
Tanja is an ecological designer, community artist and Academic Fellow in Performance Design and Sustainability. She has more than 15 years’ professional experience, including creating numerous designs and public installations in Australia and oversees. Her current creative research is focused on the potential of temporary event spaces to foster place-making and socio-ecological reslience.

Felipe Cervera
National University of Singapore
Felipe Cervera has recently completed a PhD in Theatre Studies at the National University of Singapore. His work investigates the intersections of performance research and extraterrestrial exploration. His essays have appeared in Theatre Research International, Performance Research, Performance Philosophy, and Investigación Teatral. He has been a theatre maker since 1998.

Shawn Chua
Independent Researcher
Shawn Chua is a researcher and artist based in Singapore, where he is engaged with the archives at The Necessary Stage. He holds an MA in Performance Studies from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, and is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Arts Scholarship (Postgraduate).

Alice Colquhoun
University of Roehampton
Alice Colquhoun is a writer, performer and PhD candidate at the University of Roehampton. Alice is interested in making work that challenges the absurdities of the contemporary social sphere, developing material that is socially engaged and rejuvenating to the human spirit.

Zoë Condliffe
University of Melbourne
Zoe is a Youth Advocacy Advisor at Plan International Australia and Young Social Pioneer at the Foundation of Young Australians. With a background in sociology, gender, arts and community practice, Zoe has founded several community development initiatives working across the non-profit, arts, university and corporate sectors in Australia and overseas.

Augusto Corrieri
University of Sussex
Augusto Corrieri is a UK-based performance maker and writer. He works on areas of ecology, conceptual and performance art, and sleight-of-hand magic. He lectures in Theatre and Performance at the University of Sussex.

Rayya El Zein
University of Pennsylvania
Rayya El Zein is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication in the Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania. Her research concerns performance, popular culture, media, and audiences in urban Arab contexts. She is writing a book about the development of Arabic rap in the Levant.

Kristin Flade
Freie Universität Berlin
Kristin Flade is a theatre and film scholar and author based in Berlin. Between 2013 and 2017 she has worked as a research associate in the project “The Aesthetics of Applied Theatre” at Freie Universität Berlin. In December 2017, Kristin submitted her PhD about applied theatre in Palestine.

João Florêncio
University of Exeter
João Florêncio is a lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture at the University of Exeter. His interdisciplinary research navigates the intersections of visual culture and performance studies with queer theory and philosophy, in an attempt to think inhuman forms of embodiment, desire, ethics and community.

Juan Gallardo
Wesleyan University
Born in Los Angeles, CA, and a graduate of Wesleyan University with a B.A in English and Hispanic Literatures and Cultures, Juan teaches high school in Connecticut. A writer with interests in Black, Queer, and Indigenous Studies, he plans to pursue a doctorate in the near-future.

Chris Gibson
Independent Artist
Chris Gibson is an editor and director working and living in Los Angeles who likes collaborating and working on projects with other talented artists. His favorite subjects are technology and exploring the nature of humanity.

Dennis G. Gupa
University of Victoria, British Columbia
Dennis is currently a PhD Candidate in Applied Theatre. His doctoral project is a performance-based research of sea rituals that examines ecological sustainability in the age of Anthropocene. His works as a theatre director were exhibited in Southeast Asia and North America. He is the founder of Cope/with/Land Theatre Co.

Linzi Juliano
University of California, Los Angeles
Linzi Juliano holds a doctorate in Performance Studies and is a lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her media pieces have been featured on the Platinum Panel at Outfest LA and NewFest NYC. Published research can be found in the International Journal of Cultural Studies and Theatre Journal.

Peter Kalisch
Independent Artist
Peter Kalisch is an artist who primarily works in performance, sound, sculpture, and video. Using a combination of material exploration and archaic imagery, his work is often meant to critique the disillusionment and disconnection that is a result of a dependence on technology as well as our removal from nature.

Kulay Labitigan
Independent Artist
Kulay is an experienced designer based in the UK. He obtained his Master’s degree in Narrative Environment at Central Saint-Martins, University of the Arts London. His artistic work spans across art direction, performance design, and creative public engagement. He has participated in several group exhibitions in Manila, Jakarta, Venice, and London.

Eero Laine
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Eero Laine is an assistant professor at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Eero is co-editor of the volume Performance and Professional Wrestling (Routledge 2017) as well as an editor of the journal Lateral (

Reagan Romero Maiquez
Australia Asia Performance Community Inc.
Reagan completed his PhD at Monash University, Australia with a research on flow and cultural performances in the Philippines. He has taught and delivered creative research in the humanities at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. He is now working on various creative and community development projects in Melbourne.

Kara Jhalak Miller
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Kara Jhalak Miller is a choreographer, dancer, and Associate Professor
of Dance at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Kara is deeply
interested in the vibration of silence, forms that heighten awareness
to being present in the moment, and acts of listening.

Lucia Monge
Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University
Lucia Monge is a Peruvian artist whose work explores the way humans position themselves within the natural world; the ways we relate to other living beings. Her project Plantón Móvil is part of an artistic process that probes proximity and distance between humans and plants through material and movement exploration.

Dalisa Pigram
Co-artistic Director Marrugeku
Dalisa is a founding member of Marrugeku and Co-Artistic Director since 2009. She’s been a co-devising dancer for all productions, touring extensively both overseas and throughout Australia. She has co-choreographed all Marrugeku works since 2009. Dalisa is a Yawuru/Bardi woman from Broome in Western Australia where she teaches Yawuru language.

Amaara Raheem
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Amaara Raheem is a Sri Lankan born choreographer, performer, writer and tarot-card reader. She is based in Melbourne, Australia and works in the intersection of Dance, Performance, Architecture & Design. Her work is fluid and responsive to place, and time. Her materials are movement, sound, song, words and planetary activity.

Sarah Ann Standing
New York City College of Technology (CUNY)
Dr. Sarah Ann Standing is Assistant Professor of Theatre at New York City College of Technology (CUNY). Sarah was a 2013-14 Faculty Fellow at the Center for Place, Culture and Politics at the Graduate Center (CUNY), and has contributed to Readings in Performance and Ecology, PAJ, Theatre Topics, The Eugene O’Neill Review, American Theatre, Terra Nova, and Western European Stages.

Rachael Swain
Co-artistic Director Marrugeku
Rachael Swain is a director and dramaturg of intercultural dance theatre and a performance researcher. She is a founding member and co-artistic director of Marrugeku, having directed Mimi, Crying Baby, Burning Daylight, Cut the Sky and Buru (with Dalisa Pigram) and is dramaturg for Gudirr Gudirr and Le Dernier Appel.

Kayla Tange
Independent Artist
Kayla Tange is an artist residing in Los Angeles. She uses a variety of media in her work and finds freedom and connection through performance. Her passions are found in meaningful dialogue, creative problem solving, collaborative projects and facilitating a unique relationship between art and audience.

Evelyn Wan
Utrecht University
Evelyn Wan is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) at Utrecht University under the support of R. C. Lee Centenary Scholarship from her hometown, Hong Kong. Her current research is situated between media and performance studies, and looks into biopolitics in the age of algorithmic culture.

Chad Wyszynski
Independent Artist
Chad is a software engineer and writer. He holds an MS in computer science and a BA in English. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three cats.