Issue 1.2


Performance Climates

Guest Editor: Eddie Paterson
General Editor: Kevin Brown

Eddie Paterson
What’s Your Position?
Kevin Brown

Atmospheres and Affects
Dancing with the Animals at the Missa Gaia
Kara Miller
Cut the Sky: Traces of Experimentation in Dance and Dramaturgy in the Age of the Anthropocene
Dalisa Pigram and Rachael Swain
Weather and Events
Performing with the Weather
Annette Arlander as Localized, Trans-Global Performance
Sarah Ann Standing

Habitat and Environments
Refugium at Federation Square: the Politics of Participatory Ecological Artwork in Public-Private Space
Zoë Condliffe, Tanja Beer, and Marnie Badham
Plantón Móvil: Interspecies Collaboration in the Walking Forest
Lucia Monge

Land and Durations
Between Theatre and the Environment: The Experience of Cope/With/Land Theatre Co.
Reagan Maiquez, Dennis Gupa, and Kulay Labitigan
Syllabi for the Future: A Playlist
Curated by PSi Future Advisory Board: Felipe Cervera, Shawn Chua, João Florêncio, Eero Laine, and Evelyn Wan. Contributors: Katherine Brewer Ball, Alice Colquhoun, Augusto Corrieri, Rayya El Zein, Kristin Flade, Juan Gallardo, Chris Gibson, Linzi Juliano, Peter Kalisch, Amaara Raheem, Kayla Tange, and Chad Wyszynski