Parade, Pilgrimage, Passage: Walking on Water From Rijeka to Aomori

Rijeka is a Croatian port city where buildings sweep up from the sea to mountainous areas. There are famous castles and churches in the hills, bells toll regularly, and the city buildings, homes, and stores are largely pale stucco and elegant, mixed with the 70s concrete and postwar, and roads are cobblestone or partially stone and pavement. Everything looks towards the sea.


The coastal land is inhabited by large container shipping cranes, which arc over the water like giant Trojan horses. There are old factories on the water that are empty, or abandoned, waiting, yet they stand hugely present near the shore. Water is the other half of Rijeka. Its Kvarna bay lies in its curving rugged Adriatic coastline, and this is cut by a stone jetty or breakwater that cuts into the bay creating a protected arbor.


This long breakwater was the staging ground for PSi Fluid States’ “organizational” performance event, which mapped the journey of the year-long chain of events, which became the 2015 places and states of unknowing. Here is where the walking on water journey began. The plan was to introduce each fluid state event place’s special focus through some kind of interactive performance that could be accommodated on the breakwater with its paved road and a high stone wall, and take advantage of the incredible space between the land and the open water.

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