Parade, Pilgrimage, Passage: Walking on Water From Rijeka to Aomori

Passage: Aomori Museum Opening with the Sea (Butoh) Anthroposcenic Brides

After Mt. Osore, we started the first morning at the Aomori Art Museum: a cool white structure that seems to be sinking into the dark, brown earth and concrete slabs of berms or swells of earth that make a labyrinth of space and time.


Remember that we had been to the place to contact dead souls, and now the Museum’s exhibit was on Bakemono, spirits and other haunted beings. Everyone can tell you: the whiteness of the building and the interior made doors invisible, elevators without numbers, and each level or space seemed unmarked and yet familiar. Someone said this is a building to get lost in. Where was I? You keep circling back to the same corridor.


Outside on the vast green grounds of the museum, two “butoh” bride dancers began their slow ceremonious journey into the museum.


They dressed in white, long, satiny dresses and skirts, cut through with the blood red netting from the ceremony of passing the gifts from the Cook Islands to the Aomori, Tohoku gathering.

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