Looking Back on
Fluid States — Performances of unKnowing

Kaya Barry
Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, Griffith University
Kaya Barry is an artist-researcher and lecturer in new media theory and practice at Griffith University, Australia. Working across the areas of creative arts, mobilities, tourism geography and new materialism, her research is focused on the intersections of environmental tourism and everyday mobile practices.

Denise Batchelor
Independent Artist
Denise Batchelor is a visual artist working primarily in digital media, both still and moving image. Batchelor’s work reflects personal encounters within nature; quiet moments of reflection within which deeper connections can be experienced. Batchelor has exhibited both nationally and internationally, graduating MFA (Hons) from Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design 2010.

Gunhild Borggreen
University of Copenhagen
Gunhild Borggreen is Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen, and focuses on contemporary Japanese art and visual culture. She is the co-founder and manager of ROCA (Robot Culture and Aesthetics), an interdisciplinary practice-based research network. Gunhild has published in Performance Research and is co-editor og Performing Archives / Archives of Performance (MTP 2013). Gunhild was the manager of Fluid States North cluster of PSi Fluid States conference in June 2015.

Felipe Cervera
National University of Singapore
Felipe Cervera is currently completing a PhD in Theatre Studies at the National University of Singapore. His work investigates the intersections of performance research and extraterrestrial exploration. His essays have appeared in Theatre Research International, Performance Research, Performance Philosophy, and Investigación Teatral.

Shawn Chua
Independent Researcher
Shawn Chua is a researcher and artist based in Singapore, where he is engaged with the archives at The Necessary Stage. He holds an MA in Performance Studies from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, and is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Arts Scholarship (Postgraduate).

Tracy C. Davis
Northwestern University, USA
Tracy C. Davis is Barber Professor of Performing Arts at Northwestern University. She specializes in 19th-century British theatre history, gender and theatre, theatre historiography, and performance theory. Forthcoming books include “Uncle Tom’s Cabins: the Transnational History of America’s Most Mutable Book (Michigan, 2018) and the six-volume Cultural History of Theatre (Bloomsbury, 2017).

Mick Douglas
RMIT University, Australia
Mick Douglas has presented work in Australia & New Zealand, India & Pakistan, and throughout Europe & North America. These works include socially engaged large scale public projects like W-11 Tram: an art of journeys commissioned by the cultural festival of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, and the ongoing tramjatra: imagining Melbourne and Kolkata by tramways, also a book in the same name. Recent solo durational performance projects Container WalkCarriage and Return have been presented by The Performance Arcade. Mick curated Performing Mobilities, the Australian contribution to the PSI#21 Performance Studies international globally distributed 2015 project Fluid States. He also contributed to Fluid States events in Croatia, The Bahamas, Rarotonga, Japan, Melbourne, and the Philippines.

João Florêncio
University of Exeter
João Florêncio is a lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture at the University of Exeter. His interdisciplinary research navigates the intersections of visual culture and performance with queer theory and posthumanism in order to think embodiment, ethics and community without the “human.”

Konstantina Georgelou
ArtEZ University for the Arts, Utrecht University
Konstantina Georgelou is a performing arts theorist and researcher, currently working as a lecturer at the ArtEZ University for the Arts and at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands. Her research spans over the areas of dramaturgy, choreography, artistic research and philosophy, showing a specific focus on the ethical, social and political aspects of performance.

Gry Worre Hallberg
Artistic director, performer and practice-based PhD student
Gry operates at the intersection of performance art, research, activism, education and curatorial practice continuously executed in 1:1 co-created experiments such as Sisters Academy, Dome of Visions and In100Y. Currently working on the project The Sensuous Society: Beyond economic rationality and is conducting a practice-based PhD. Gry is also curating the performance-art program at the Roskilde festival and is the artistic director of the Dome of Visions and Sisters Hope. For an overview of her activities please see:

Dorita Hannah
University of Tasmania, Australia; Aalto University, Finland
Dorita Hannah works across the spatial, visual and performing arts with her practice-led research focusing on live events, installations and exhibitions as well theatre architecture. She co-chairs the Performance Design Working Group for PSi and her book, Event-Space: Theatre Architecture & the Historical Avant-Garde, will be published by Routledge Press in 2017.

Antje Hildebrandt
University of Lincoln, UK
Antje Hildebrandt (UK/DE) is an artist and scholar based in the UK. Her work, which takes the form of conventional theatre pieces as well as site-specific works, videos and installations, has been presented in various platforms, festivals and galleries in the UK, Germany, Greece, Italy and Sweden.

Hanne-Louise Johannesen
Diffus Design
Hanne-Louise Johannesen is an art historian with focus on aesthetics, materiality and digital technology in her work with intelligent textile, soft electronics, tangible interfaces and interactive installations. She teaches at the IT-University, Denmark in the field of Digital Aesthetics and Creative Digital Practice and is the CEO of Diffus Design Hanne-Louise initiated and organised the telematic setting for Fluid States North conference in June 2015.

Jondi Keane
School of Communications and Creative Arts, Deakin University
Jondi Keane is an arts practitioner and Associate Professor of Art and Performance at Deakin University, Australia. Research interests include contemporary art practice and theory, theories of cognition and the philosophy of perception, experimental architecture, and the way in which creative practices can contribute to interdisciplinary inquiries and collective concerns.

Eero Laine
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Eero Laine is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. He is a co-editor of Performance and Professional Wrestling (Routledge 2016) and one of three general editors for Lateral (<>) the journal of the Cultural Studies Association.

Katherine Mezur 
University of California Berkeley
Katherine Mezur is a Lecturer in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley, Research Associate, San Francisco Museum of Performance + Design, dramaturg/director/choreographer. Publications: Beautiful Boys/Outlaw Bodies: Devising Kabuki Female-likeness (Palgrave 2005), Sensuous Politics: Performing Modernities in East Asia (with Emily Wilcox) forthcoming; chapter “dumbtype’s Wonder Women: Corporeal Affect and Medial Precarity,” the dumbtype Workbook, eds. Fujii, Eckersall, Performance Research Monograph, 2018, “At Risk: Butoh’s Genders,” for The Routledge Companion for Butoh, Baird, Candelario, 2017; Cute Mutant Girls; Performing Sweet and Deviant in Contemporary Japan,2018. Her research focuses on Asia Pacific performance and its diaspora, particularly traditional and contemporary theatre practices, popular cultures, and gender/race politics in transnational contexts.

Sally J Morgan and Jess Richards
Massey University, NZ
Morgan+Richards is a performance-collaboration between artist Sally J Morgan and writer Jess Richards. Morgan is a conceptual artist who has shown her artwork in galleries across the world. Richards is an award-winning author whose novels are published by Hodder and Stoughton. Both artists were born in Wales but now live in New Zealand. Together they blend the visual and the written word in performance/installations and video works that have been exhibited at galleries and international festivals in New York, Chicago, Dublin, The Bahamas, and Wellington NZ.

Katerina Paramana
Brunel University London
Katerina Paramana is an artist and scholar, and a Lecturer in Theatre at Brunel University London. Her research is concerned with the social and ethical dimensions of contemporary performance. Her writing has been published with Contemporary Theatre Review, Dance Research, and Performance Research journals and her performances have been presented in theatres and galleries in the US, UK, and Europe.

Sara Malou Strandvad
Performance Design, the Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University
Strandvad (b. 1979) is a sociologist whose research concerns cultural production studies, creative work, and valuation processes. Her research has been published in Cultural SociologyVisual Studies, Cultural Studies, and elsewhere. Her current research is about freediving and mermaiding. 

Amelia Taverner
Independent Artist
Amelia Taverner is a Costume Designer from Canada, currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. She has an interest in designing for all areas of performance; theatre, dance, opera, and film. In her performance design work she explores sustainability and current issues in projects like Asylum (The Performance Arcade 2016) and Cast Aways (Deep Anatomy 2015). 

Sam Trubridge
Massey University, NZ 
Sam Trubridge is a performance designer, artist, and director with The Play Ground NZ. With this company he has created works and curated events in Oceania, Europe, and the Americas. He is  and associate editor (Oceania) for World Scenography, and artistic director of The Performance Arcade, an annual festival on Wellington Waterfront.

William Trubridge
Vertical Blue, The Bahamas
William learnt to swim at the age of 18 months and was freediving to 15m by the age of 8 but didn’t begin serious training for the sport until 2003. He broke his first world record diving without fins in April 2007 to 81m. Since then he has broken this record multiple times and is still the first and only human to descend deeper than 100m completely unassisted. William also holds the world record in Free Immersion with 124m (406 feet) set at Vertical Blue in May 2016.

Daan Verhoeven
Aquacity Freediving, UK
Daan Verhoeven is a freediving photographer who photographs at most major free diving events. He studied Communication Arts in New York, and was a graphic designer for a publishing company before moving into photography. His work has been published in The Guardian, New York Times and National Geographic, among others. He is also working at translating many unpublished texts by his father, the Dutch philosopher Cornelis Verhoeven.

Evelyn Wan
Utrecht University
Evelyn Wan is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) at Utrecht University under the support of R. C. Lee Centenary Scholarship from her hometown, Hong Kong. Her current research is situated between media and performance studies, and looks into biopolitics in the age of algorithmic culture.