Dr. Kevin Brown
Associate Professor of Digital Media and Performance Studies
University of Missouri (USA)

Dr. Felipe Cervera
Lecturer of Theatre and Performance
LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore)

Dr. Nesreen N. Hussein
Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Theatre
Middlesex University London (UK)

Editorial Assistants

Dr. Les Gray
University of Missouri (USA)

Eilidh Harrower
University of Glasgow (UK)

Dr. Natalie McCabe Tartiere
Cameron University (USA)

Editorial Board

Dr. Joshua Abrams
Deputy Dean, Academic, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
University of London (UK)

Dr. Maaike Bleeker
Professor of Theatre Studies
Utrecht University (Netherlands)

Dr. Debra Caplan
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Baruch College, City University of New York (USA)

Dr. Heather Carver
Chair, Department of Theatre
University of Missouri (USA)

Dr. Matthew Causey
Head of School and Professor of Creative Arts
Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

Dr. Steve Dixon
President, LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore)

Dr. Peter Eckersall
The Graduate Center, City University of New York (USA)

Dr. Jason Farman
Associate Professor of American Studies, Director of Design Cultures & Creativity
University of Maryland, College Park (USA)

Dr. Elizabeth Jochum
Assistant Professor, Art and Technology, Erasmus Media Arts Cultures
Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University (Denmark)

Dr. Jazmin Llana
Associate Professor of Drama, Theatre, and Performance
Department of Literature, De La Salle University-Manila (Philippines)

Dr. Paige McGinley
Associate Professor of Performing Arts
Washington University in St. Louis (USA)

Dr. Jon McKenzie
Visiting Professor of English
Dean’s Fellow for Media and Design
College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University (USA)

Dr. Derek Miller
Assistant Professor of English, Harvard University (USA)

Dr. Jennifer Parker-Starbuck
Head of Department and Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies
Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance (UK)

Dr. Paul Rae
Associate Professor, School of Culture and Communication
University of Melbourne (Australia)

Dr. Heike Roms
Professor in Theatre and Performance
University of Exeter (UK)

Dr. David Saltz
Associate Professor and Head Executive Director, Ideas for Creative Exploration University of Georgia (USA)

Caridad Svich, MFA
English Department, Rutgers University-New Brunswick (USA)

Dr. Miguel Escobar Varela
Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies, National University of Singapore (Singapore)