Syllabi for the Future: A Playlist

Curated by PSi Future Advisory Board: Felipe Cervera (National University of Singapore), Shawn Chua (Independent Researcher), João Florêncio (University of Exeter), Eero Laine (University at Buffalo, SUNY) and Evelyn Wan (Utrecht University).

Contributors: Katherine Brewer Ball, Alice Colquhoun, Augusto Corrieri, Rayya El Zein, Kristin Flade, Juan Gallardo, Chris Gibson, Linzi Juliano, Peter Kalisch, Amaara Raheem, Kayla Tange, and Chad Wyszynski.


Curatorial Statement

Strategies for/from Ethnography: Alternatives for Assessing the Political in Performance
Rayya El Zein

Media and Performance
Linzi Juliano and Kayla Tange

The Times of the Field / The Field of the Times
Kristin Flade

Some Notes on Performance Studies And the More Speculative Genres
Katherine Brewer Ball and Juan Gallardo

Embodied Knowledge: Inhabiting Twilight Zone(s)
Amaara Raheem

Performing Affirmative Velocities
Alice Colquhoun

Performance Without Human Exceptionalism
Augusto Corrieri