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Issue 1.2

Winter 2017

Performance Climates

Eddie Paterson, Guest Editor
What’s Your Position?
Kevin Brown, Editor

Atmospheres and Affects
Dancing with the Animals at the Missa Gaia
Kara Miller
Cut the Sky: Traces of Experimentation in Dance and Dramaturgy in the Age of the Anthropocene
Dalisa Pigram and Rachael Swain
Weather and Events
Performing with the Weather
Annette Arlander as Localized, Trans-Global Performance
Sarah Ann Standing

Habitat and Environments
Refugium at Federation Square: the Politics of Participatory Ecological Artwork in Public-Private Space
Zoë Condliffe, Tanja Beer, and Marnie Badham
Plantón Móvil: Interspecies Collaboration in the Walking Forest
Lucia Monge

Land and Durations
Between Theatre and the Environment: The Experience of Cope/With/Land Theatre Co.
Reagan Maiquez, Dennis Gupa, and Kulay Labitigan
Syllabi for the Future: A Playlist
Curated by PSi Future Advisory Board: Felipe Cervera, Shawn Chua, João Florêncio, Eero Laine, and Evelyn Wan. Contributors: Katherine Brewer Ball, Alice Colquhoun, Augusto Corrieri, Rayya El Zein, Kristin Flade, Juan Gallardo, Chris Gibson, Linzi Juliano, Peter Kalisch, Amaara Raheem, Kayla Tange, and Chad Wyszynski